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Expect me to address leadership, efficient management and operations, debt, and other issues as the campaign progresses.  

If you have particular issues you want me to address, please send me an email and I will respond.  


Thank You, 

Tom Mowdy  


Sexual Harassment and The Williamson County Old Boy Network

The "old boy network" is alive and well as evidenced by the actions of the participants in the Judge Don Higginbotham sexual harrassment case.  The details were documented in a Wilco Watchdog article.  The article was removed from the site, but, I captured the images and the article is in this extended issue: 


High Williamson County Debt

Williamson County has more debt per person than any comparable county in Texas.  

The Texas Comptroller shows Williamson County has approximately $789,000,000, in debt and that will grow to more than $1 Billion when the new road bond money is added.

The Williamson County debt per county citizen is higher than any county in Texas.  

Those who claim they are "conservatives" have put the county in heavy debt while giving road bond contractors, who contributed to the sitting Commissioners' campaign funds and supported the road bond election, a 96% pay rate increase. (See my news release on the pay raises:  )

Get the facts straight from the Texas Comptroller.  Each county is required to report their debt to the Comptroller:

40 Year No Bid Contract and the Wilco Landfill

The Williamson County Landfill has been a continuing issue that significantly impacts Williamson County's revenue and environment.  The Wilco Commissioners gave a 40 year no-bid contract to Waste Management, claiming health and safety as the reason.  How does the population of the county grow and the revenue from the landfill decrease?

Mr. Kurt Johnson has done extensive research, including writing portion of his book "Glass Walls," on the issue and provided the information in this link:




Leadership is an issue.  I believe each County Commissioner has a community leadership responsibility and must visibly, and by all acts, stand for integrity, government transparency, and the Constitutional rights of each Williamson County Citizen.


The current system is attacking education for the average citizen with the stated intent to reduce education funding.  The Texas Observer shows Texas ranks 47th, close to last, in high school graduations: .  Texas school districts are suing the State of Texas for its education neglect.   

The Commissioner's Court does not run the education system.  However, Williamson County's future is directly influenced by the education of it's citizens.  I believe the Commissioner's Court must understand the relationship between education and County responsibilities and through leadership, encourage and support the best quality education possible for the Citizens of Williamson County.

Dog Whistle Politics

How politicians use certain words and phrases to make you vote against your best interests.  See Ian Lopez's two videos on the subject in 1 and 2.  See Paul Ryan put it into practice in 3.  





Modern society cannot exist without energy.  Our biggest problem is that those who control energy will have unacceptable influence on our economies and politics.  We must do all we can to understand the problems and push towards good solutions.

Economics by Billionaire Nick Hanauer

Nick Hanauer looks to the future model for economic thought.  A real must see:

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